Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Be Sexy or Not to Be? That is the Question.

I see myself as Sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing.  -Aaliyah

The first time I showed my fashion portfolio to my family, I remember my mom and my grandmother hurrying up to close the book as if it was the filthiest pornography ever. It was kinda the way the guy in Barnes and Noble does when he's torn the plastic off a Hustler magazine and a an employee walks by and stares at him. Funny enough at the time there wasn't a single image in my portfolio that included nudity, with the exception of an topless photograph in which the model used her arms and hair to completely cover herself. It was from that simple response of my family that I knew I was officially in the bible belt; and in the bible belt your naked if you're showing to much of your ankles.

I few weeks ago I asked a very pretty 18 year ago Grace Mayo if she'd be interested in posing for a few images. The photographs wouldn't be anything revealing, just a few B&W images for a fine art series, and a few simple portraits for her time. The outfits she wore were nothing provocative, in fact 2 of the 3 outfits she's worn before in her facebook profile pics, so I really thought nothing of it. Imagine my surprise at the outrage of some of the women I showed the image to; and my confusion toward the responses at first thinking, "she looks good doesn't she?" I had shot much younger girls in much less with their parents sitting in the room, and not once did they say, I can't believe you shot her that way? Unless of coarse it was meant as a compliment. So why is it that this young adult is afraid to put this image up on her face book page? If anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear. But, then again this is the bible belt! Maybe God only knows!

Thanks for being a good sport Grace! Next time I'll have you ware a turtleneck! 

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