Sunday, May 2, 2010

Huey Freeman for President: The Boondocks Season 3...Brilliant!

Brilliant!!! That's the only word I can use to describe the first episode of The Boondocks season 3! Just when I thought Aaron Mcgruder had pushed the boundaries of social commentary with the banned B.E.T. episode, he dedicates an episode to the election of Barack Obama. O.K. I just thought of two more words, Fucking genius! Being that I was starting to believe that I was the only blackman in American that didn't jump on the Obama fanwagon, it was nice to be reminded that there are still like minds in the world. Oh yeah... just to make myself clear, I'm not saying that Barack isn't a charming dude and no, I didn't vote for McCain. HELL NO!!! I'm just aware enough to know that in this illusionary two party system he's just another politician. What better way of making you believe change has come to America then by changing the face of it's leader, especially it's color! Think about it, what other change have you seen thus far? I've included a brief trailer of the episode below. Enjoy!!!

"Hope is Irrational." -Huey Freeman

Demetrious 11:11

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