Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art or Pornography: Photographer Szymon Brodziak

"Nudity is the uniform of the other side... nudity is a shroud." -Milan Kundera

About a year ago, I was contacted by porn-star Adriana Sage about doing a photo shoot in LA.. Unfortunately the shoot never happened, yet it still left me curious as to what the end results may have been. Lately I've found myself wanting to incorporate nudity into my photographs, and after talking with a friend a few days ago he'd mentioned he'd been wanting to do the same, yet didn't know if the ideas he had would come across pornography or art. I mentioned to him I had recently seen an image that hung over the bed in a multi-million dollar home that portrayed a man having sex with two women. The image clearly show the man receiving head from one of the women, but what I found must appealing was that the image was out of focus. It still came off highly erotic yet, the fact it was blurred still made it fell more artistic. It made me wonder, is the difference between art and pornography in the content or how you approach it?

Long story short I came across the work of Szymon Brodziak who often shoots for Playboy overseas. Needless to say the work looks different from anything being done with Playboy in the states. I would never think of hanging anything from U.S Playboy on my walls, the work of Szymon Brodziak is a different story. Again I ask is it content or your approach?


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