Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Evolution of Man: A Classic Etch-Board Drawing by Me

Believe it or not I can actually draw. - Jean Michel Basquiat

I was on facebook about a week a ago when I received a friend suggestion from Rodney. To my surprise it was our old advertising professor Ray Shead who I last saw some ten years ago. The sight of Mr. Shead instantly made me think about those days of old and how we often never know what paths we might follow! I mean, I always saw myself as an artist but, I never thought the camera would be my main tool of expression.

I decided to go thru some of my older work in hopes of finding something to validate my talents a draftsman. A hour or so into searching I came across what I considered to be one of my favorite and most detailed pieces. It's the image of an Ape drawn on etch-board using only a razor blade, and had been one of Mr. Sheads assignments some ten years ago. As I look at this drawing I think to myself "where is the artist who created this image" an if it's possible to tune into those draftsmen talents again. Maybe I'm still the same draftsman at heart, but now I use my camera and light to paint with light instead of razor blades and etch-boards!


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